Company Profile

Company Information

프레스코 건물 이미지
  • Company NamePresco, Inc
  • Date of establishment25th of March, 2003
  • RepresentativeKim Young-keun
  • Location175-12 Seokdu-ri, Yeomchi-eup, Asan-si, Chungnam
  • Areas of BusinessMetal plate & drift-wood work
  • Main ProductsParts and products of electronics & furniture
  • Capital1.2 billion won
  • Total Sales14.5 billion won
  • Number of Employees68 Pers
  • Yeomchi Factory1,837 pyeong/floor space: 850 pyeong
Realization of “Dream”

Transformation and Innovation,
Continuous Efforts, Active & Positive Mindset

Management Policy
Proper response to external environment
Improving profitability most emphasized
Establish better administrative
Quality Index
Size as customers decide,
quality as customer request,
changes based upon agreement with customers,
always considering PL
Management Index
Promote the best experts in the field,
Foster responsible personnels,
Nurture personnels who take customers with utmost priority,
Nuture personnels who mutually cooperate and trust each other
  • P

    (Partnership, work)

  • RE

    (Society, business, client)

  • S

    (client, Position)

  • CO

    (One family, social service)